3 Things You Must Know About Canva for Work


I think it's safe to say that exactly NO ONE would accuse me of being a talented graphic designer. It's just not a skill I have. Now yes, I could develop such skill, I do have a decent eye for color, I draw, and I paint, but still it doesn't translate to graphic design, even… Read More

Your Three Step Social Media Review

Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris Cover Image

If you're spending time on social media (and I'm not sure why you're here if you're not) then you need to know if it's having an impact on your business. That means occasionally your social media time that is otherwise spent on group engagement and posting (or the occasional BuzzFeed Quiz) needs to be spent… Read More

3 Things You Must Know About Unplugging From Your Business


I know you love your business, but you remember when you said you wanted a business because it meant more freedom? Well that might be a distant memory from where you sit now, but it's possible. I take a pretty good chunk of time off every year. It's important for me to have times to… Read More

Hiring Someone to Run Your Facebook Ad Campaign

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Outsourcing your social media is likely on your to do list (or at least part of it), but hands down the most popular hand off is Facebook Ads. There is so much to learn, it's always changing, and the best way to execute ads can feel overwhelming to someone unfamiliar. When jumping into hire someone… Read More

3 Things You Must Know About Instagram Scheduling


One of the most common Instagram questions I hear is about scheduling to Instagram. Lots of tools are offering ways, but here is the deal, there is not a way to automatically post content through a third party tool. That however doesn't mean that scheduling is impossible. That's what we're talking about today. I'm sharing… Read More

How to Manage Your Time in Facebook Groups

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Facebook groups are SO valuable for your business, and you're likely spending a lot of time in there. How do you feel about that time though? Do you feel like it's really moving the needle when it comes to business growth? Or do you feel like maybe it's a huge place where time goes to… Read More

Book Review: Twist by Julie Cottineau


I've known and worked with Julie Cottineau for a few years now. I worked with her on her social media as she was focusing on social media growth at the time because she knew she wanted to write a book. I'm proud to say her social media following (and value) has done nothing but grow… Read More

Scheduling Social Media without the Sleaze

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Scheduling your social media isn't about tricking your audience. It's not about pretending your engaged when you're not, and it's NOT about bait and switch. It's about making the space that allows you to really show up and really provide value. It's about connecting in actual relationships because that's where the bonds are formed and… Read More

3 Things You Must Know About Repurposed Content


I love repurposed content, I love it HARD! It's a powerful way to stay engaged on social media, provide value, and here's the deal value RARELY has a shelf life. I don't care about your industry, value, real value, can live on for a LONG TIME. Here's the deal when it comes to repurposed content… Read More

How Much Time Does Your Membership Site Need

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One of the most common questions I get about running Hit the Mic Backstage is how much time it takes to actually keep up with it. Between marketing it, customer service, and creating content for it, time can get away from you. So in the spirt of transparency I share some things you must consider… Read More

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