3 Things You Must Know About Editorial Calendars


I started creating content in 2011, I got consistent in 2013. I haven't missed a post since. And I have editorial calendars to thank for that, it's the KEY to me getting consistent content and value out for you guys. No doubts, no maybes, it's a MUST. That's why I'm breaking down how an editorial… Read More

How to Know When to Quit Creating Content

Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris

We know how important it is to create change in our business, but it's also really easy to stick to something even when it's not serving us anymore. That's what happened to me with my video show, Hit the Mic TV. In this episode I'm sharing why I decided to stop doing pre-recorded video content… Read More

3 Things You Must Know About Vanity Metrics


Likes and follows don't always equal social media success. Sadly though I see folks all over starting like for like and follow for follow campaigns that leave EVERYONE frustrated. That's why we're getting real about vanity metrics, and why they're not even good for your ego. Join us Facebook and Twitter Analytics Trainings (these trainings are… Read More

Am I Too Old for Snapchat?

Snapchat Code

I'm getting a lot of tweets and emails and clients asking me if they're too old for Snapchat, and I have one very clear answer. NO. You're not too old for Snapchat. Listen in and you'll find the 3 reasons why you're not and how to get comfortable using this network. Join us Backstage Ghostcodes… Read More

3 Things You Must Know about Slow Times in Business


It happens to EVERYONE, business slows down. For some it's because of the seasonal nature of the business, for others it's a lack of marketing. Real talk though, no business misses out on slow seasons. The important thing to do is know how to deal with them, and make the most of that lovely gift… Read More

Going Live is No Longer Optional

Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris Cover Image

A lot of us want more visibility, we want to connect with our community, and we want to really serve them. Ok so all of you better want that, otherwise this is going to be a really boring podcast. You wanting all of that is why I'm doing something I almost never do... I'm saying… Read More

3 Things You Must Know About Growing Your Facebook Group with Ads


Facebook groups are a very popular way to grow your audience, and really get some traction on Facebook. They, like every other part of our business, need some attention to grow. One way to do that is by putting a little money on the table. Yep, investing is a fantastic way to grow your Facebook… Read More

A Peek at my Morning Routine

Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris Cover Image

I've been obsessed with morning routines for a while. You hear a lot about them from just about every media source. You've seen the articles usually something titled "secret ways billion dollar business owners spend their mornings" or something like that. The thing is though you have to build your own and start trying things, this year… Read More

3 Things You Must Know About Canva for Work


I think it's safe to say that exactly NO ONE would accuse me of being a talented graphic designer. It's just not a skill I have. Now yes, I could develop such skill, I do have a decent eye for color, I draw, and I paint, but still it doesn't translate to graphic design, even… Read More

Your Three Step Social Media Review

Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris Cover Image

If you're spending time on social media (and I'm not sure why you're here if you're not) then you need to know if it's having an impact on your business. That means occasionally your social media time that is otherwise spent on group engagement and posting (or the occasional BuzzFeed Quiz) needs to be spent… Read More

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