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It's fall, and for a lot of us that means we're back in the swing of things and ready to go full speed in to the last stretch of 2017. For some of us that means we're prepping for a really killer start to 2018, and for EVERYONE that means it's time to get clear on what you're doing right now that moves the needle in your business. 

Over 60 minutes we can, strategize content, get clear on social media, plan ad strategies, and anything else you might need to make the most of the next 3-6 months in your business. 

What we can talk about...

  • Why going live isn't about creating yet another piece of content. Instead it's about connecting your audience with you and your content in a new way.
  • How to manage your time on social media to get real results. You'll never login without knowing what, where, and WHY you're taking action.
  • Why social media isn't about doing it ALL, and being attached to a device 24/7. It's about being in the right place at the right time, to connect with the right community. 

You + Me + 1 Hour = Social Media Clarity (And sanity)

‚ÄčThis time is YOUR time, we can talk about whatever you need right now. Before our call I'll do a review of what your networks from an outside perspective so we can start with quick and easy tweaks to allow you to be more effective. During our call you can ask questions, we can work through content and social media strategies, and we can uncover your next steps.

After our time together you'll get a full recording of the call plus a list of action items to start taking action on right away. I'm all about moving forward, and taking action so these will be your exact next steps to see results.‚Äč

Together we can sit down and look at the specifics of your current social media efforts, goals, and the reality of what's working in social media right now. Stop struggling alone, ask an expert!

What My Clients Say...

What makes Stacey different and better than other social media experts is that she truly sees how you naturally move through the world and and then gives you a social media strategy that's totally effortless and exciting. Stacey is my social media strategist for life. Hire her quick before she's all booked up."

Erika LyremarkThink Like a Stripper
Mallie RydzikMallie Rydzik

When I was looking to refresh and reorganize my business's social media strategy, I knew I had to talk to Stacey. Stacey called me out: I was overcomplicating things. My marketing strategy could be streamlined and straightforward. And she saw exactly what that looked like for my business. By the time we were done talking, I felt relief. I highly recommend working with Stacey if you, too, fear that you're making social media harder than it actually is"

The consulting sessions have helped me find an extra hour each day, that I would have spent wasting on my social media but instead I'm connecting with prospects and converting them into clients. I definitely plan to keep working with Stacey, and highly recommend you do too!"

Carrie SmithCareful Cents

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