Meet Stacey

Are you ready to stand out online?

Now, I’m not talking about in a “double rainbow” or “viral video” sort of way. I’m talking about building small (or huge) communities of people who follow and love you.

I’m talking about having a constant flow of leads and fans into your business, who consistently convert to sales.

I’m talking about having a ton of FUN in your business because your community is growing, engaging, and participating. And BUYING.

If you’re not sure how to get there from here — I’m your girl.

I love working with entrepreneurs like you. You’re ready to step up to the mic and take massive action in cultivating and leading a community of amazing people. I know your frustrations about not having enough time, about just figuring it out and it all changing, about trying to find the balance between scheduling and engaging. It’s tough!

I’ve spent YEARS figuring it out and I’m still learning every day because it changes all of the time.

But, I’m here for you… I’m in the trenches of social media learning and testing every small detail that you could ever think of – so I can pass that information down to you. Consider this your newest business resource. This is a place where you can get the info you need to really rock your time on online, and really rock your business. Not just for this year, or next year, but for the life of your business.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

I’m so glad that you’re here. Make sure that you introduce yourself!

I’m super passionate about helping online entrepreneurs rock their businesses. If you have taken some time ton look around the site you know I’m the creator of and leader over at Hit the Mic Backstage. A community built to help new online business owners get into social media and online marketing without the overwhelm. Plus the go-to resource for established online business owners to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape.

4 Things About The Stacey Harris…

1. I  went to school to be an audio engineer. Yep, I was going to make records for a living. After graduation, I had the difficult job of going to concerts and talking local artists into submitting music for a web radio station.

2. I’m very lucky to have two of the greatest guys in the world in my life. My husband Charles and my son Colin are the best. When I’m not working you’ll likely find me with them and my mom.

3. I grew up pretty obsessed with Jem of Jem and the Holograms. I mean Jerrica (who is Jem by night) owns both a record label and an orphanage!

4. If not in my office you’ll most often find me at Disneyland or at the beach. I’m obsessed with getting out and enjoying this Southern California Sunshine.