Finally, marketing that feels aligned with your goals, speaks to your community, and delivers real results.

Join us now for a mastermind that is dedicated to providing 1 on 1 support, group feedback, and actual accountability. All of this allows you to start marketing your business, building your community, and seeing real results.

We'll focus on...

  • Setting up a social media strategy that attracts new eyes to your content..
  • Setting up a new content strategy that drives people to your email list.
  • Setting up an email marketing strategy that showcases you're the solution your community needs.

Your job is to get the people who need 

you from problem to solution.

As an entrepreneur our job is to get people from problem to solution, well more importantly OUR PEOPLE. The rub is you can't lead a community that can't find you. That's why email campaigns, Facebook ads, blog content, and all the rest matter. That's how you get visible and start your people on the road to solution.

Instead of spending the next 6 months trying to figure out what's next, go into each month with a clear plan, and actionable steps that get you closer to your goals. Knowing you have a sounding board for feedback, and a coach invested in keeping you on track.

BAM is where accountability meets strategy, this isn't a coaching call where you call in and we chat and nothing really happens to move you forward, instead each call will focus on reviewing what has happened and looking at next steps

Learn from someone who lives in this everyday, for clients and in her own business. Stacey lives and breaths digital marketing. She builds social media strategies, content marketing strategies, email campaigns, and more. And now she's ready to help you build the plans that grow your business now. 

Backstage Amplifier Mastermind Includes...

1-on-1 Support

Each month you'll sit down one one with Stacey for a call. Together you'll sit down and review the last 30 days and set goal and action items for the next 30 days. No more figuring it out alone, or going with no plan at all.

Actual Accountability

Private forum access for just you and Stacey. This allows Stacey to tag you and check in to make sure you're doing the work and that you don't have any questions holding you back. Unlimited access directly to Stacey, whenever you need it.

Backstage Pass

No more "figuring it out" alongside BAM you'll access inside Hit the Mic Backstage. An all access pass to a library of digital marketing trainings to walk you through any new actions.


Stacey is such a wealth of knowledge and she’s not afraid to share! Concrete steps that are actionable make her program different from others that aren’t based in facts or a path to follow to results. I love the program and the investment was so well worth it!

Erica Cote


What makes Stacey different and better than other social media experts is that she truly sees how you naturally move through the world and and then gives you a social media strategy that's totally effortless and exciting. Stacey is my social media strategist for life.  Hire her quick before she's all booked up.

Erica Lyremark


The consulting sessions have helped me find an extra hour each day, that I would have spent wasting on my social media but instead I'm connecting with prospects and converting them into clients. I definitely plan to keep working with Stacey, and highly recommend you do too!

Carrie Smith

Remember this is about you showing up as YOU!

No one can show up like you, and that's why every piece of online marketing is built around YOU showing up. That doesn't mean being connected to your phone 24/7 and it doesn't mean slaving away on social media so much you lose your sanity. What it does mean is that you need to build a plan to connect and engage and the RIGHT TIMES. Utilizing the tools and techniques available to help you connect.

People like people, and they want to buy from people. Even if you're not a personal brand, the personality and the connection has to be there. The connection point is critical and having a plan helps you shift from feeling overwhelmed to empowered and connected.

Take action NOW to get access to the training, coaching, and accountability that helps you get in front of the people who need you most, your community. This isn't about sleezy tactics or black hat strategies. It's about putting you in the exact right place to CONNECT with the people hungry for the solutions you provide.​

  • Monthly 1 on 1 time with The Stacey Harris
  • Private forum access to get unlimited access to Stacey to ask questions and get accountability
  • Access to the digital marketing training library inside of Hit the Mic Backstage.

Spots are open NOW for BAM!

$497 Monthly


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