Missed Facebook Branding Opportunities

Facebook is a great social media outlet to share your brand and message, but are you taking advantage.  As I’ve been looking around I’ve found more and more pages are missing fantastic branding opportunities on Facebook.  This week I’m making sure your page isn’t one of them!


DIY Facebook Branding


1. Profile Photo

– This is the same thing you’ll see on your personal profile and if you use your personal profile for business networking and are a solopreneur (you are your business) then these should be high quality photos of you.  These photos do not necessarily need to be overly stuffy, that depends on what your brand is but they do need to be professional quality. The full size of this photo is 180px by 180px and will automatically scale down to 32px by 32px.

2. Cover Photo

– A cover photo is the high impact image right on the top of your Facebook page. This will allow you to showcase your brand.  Due to Facebook’s new rules for pages though you need to be careful.  Make sure the image has no ore than 20% text, and also that the image doesn’t include contact info or calls to action.  As you can see I keep mine pretty simple, it has the same background my website does and includes my logo.  Other great options are featuring photos of you working with clients or customers, images of your products, or great images of your work space.  The measurements for the cover image are a width of 851px and height of 315px

3. About

– The most important thing here is including critical information.  If you have a physical location then you will want to have your hours listed, your location address, and your phone number.  If your business is virtual you’ll want to make sure the URL of your website is included completely so that it links to your website. This is one I see people miss out on the most.  Don’t make your visitors search to find you, make it simple.

4 – 6. Custom Tab Images

– These are the most overlooked area – for any custom tabs you can actually customize the photo that is shown.  You can create simple images that let the visitor know what they’ll find behind that tab.  The dimensions of this photo need to be 111px wide by 74px high

7. Custom URL

– This is a really simple thing to do and it makes it a lot easier to share your page.  If you have over 25 fans you are able to make the change by going into your pages settings under Update Info.  What you’ll want to do is change the Username, it’s the 3rd option. I chose to make mine my business name, Hit the Mic Marketing. So instead of having a ton of numbers and letters you can find my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/hitthemicmarketing.

A great resource to create these images is Pixlr – it works a lot like Photoshop but is a free web-based resource for creating and editing images.



Once you’re at Pixlr just choose the advanced editor and then new image. From there you can use the measurements above to create a image that is the correct size and customize.  If you’ve never used Pixlr or Photoshop before I suggest taking a few minutes to experiment, but over all it’s very simple to get the hang of and an inexpensive way to create some great images.

If you have made some of these changes, I’d love to see them.  Drop your link to your Facebook page in the comments and share it with everyone.

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Liz Brazier

Thanks Stacey. Do I have to have 400 likes to be able to upload my own custom tab image?

    Stacey Harris

    Thanks for stopping by Liz – nope there is no minimum amount of likes for custom tab images. There are a few tabs you can’t customize like the Likes number and photos but beyond that you can customize tabs on a brand new page.

      Liz Brazier

      Thanks Stacey!

Kristina Brzezinski

Thank you, Stacey, so much for this post! Less than 24 hours ago, let’s just say my Facebook page needed some major work. Now it’s looking great, and I’m ready to start using Facebook in my marketing!

    Stacey Harris

    I am so glad it was helpful Kristina! Stay tuned also because our September webinar is going to be all about Facebook marketing 🙂

      Kristina Brzezinski

      That’s fantastic! Looking forward to it! 🙂

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