I want you to take a second and picture something for me...

What if you knew EXACTLY what was getting created in your business in the next 90 days? Every piece of content, every email, every social media update was planned. You knew who on your team creates them, and when they go out?

What changes when you know EXACTLY how you're driving eyes to your amazing offers, how you're building trust, and you know that the exact right people are finding them because you built them the perfect path?

Even better what if you knew you had someone to go to for that entire quarter. Someone who kept you accountable to implementing the strategy you built?

That feeling is why I focus SOO much on building strategies, because that knowing is what gets results. That workable plan is what keeps us from feeling lost, it is what keeps up showing up (because we always know what to say) and it's what gets results.

Like actual, money in the bank results.

In 2019 I developed a workshop that got RESULTS. I walked dozens of leaders through building their strategy (in many cases for the first time) and now I'm taking it a step further with Backstage Live VIP.

Backstage Live VIP is a quarterly experience that kicks off with a workshop where we build your CUSTOM 90 day marketing strategy. We then have two follow up sessions. These can be used to cowork or ask questions.

Between the calls you have access to our Slack workspace. Here you can DM me or anyone in the group + leave questions for the group in dedicated channels. Meaning no matter what you have someone to support you as you not only BUILD, but EXECUTE and IMPLEMENT your strategy!

Erica Courdae

Speaker and Writer

Backstage Live created a blueprint that I can use to create ease in my business over and over again. But doing it with Stacey is where the magic happens. She sees where you can get the most out of your marketing without working constantly. And by creating a plan, you take the guesswork out of what to do each day. She breaks it down in a way that makes sense and simplifies how you share your message to make an impact. This is how you invest in your business!

What happens in the workshops?

Each quarter we'll come together for a full day workshop to build out the strategy for the next 90 days. This is a full day of working ON your business. This is 

In the room we'll create your 90 day marketing plan. Yes, all of it! We'll work through funnels, figure out what you're selling, cover who you are selling to, and even start mapping out content topic ideas. 

You'll leave the room with a workbook that tells you EXACTLY what to execute + the knowledge to do this same process for yourself over and over again throughout the year. This will change the way you're moving through marketing your business, and I'm AMPED to be there with you.

We will start the day focused in on our ideal clients + sales goals. I always start with our who and what because this allows us to make all the other choices. We'll go right from that into email and content so that we can pull the big picture topics that we'll cover over the next 90 days. We will move that right into social media because repurposing is the most fun way to hop off the content hamster wheel.

We wrap the day building task lists and getting super clear on how and when this stuff will get done. This is a day spent supporting each other and getting supported to build the marketing plan your business deserves. 

The strategy is only part of the equation though - now the work has to get done.

The good news is now we know WHAT to do and that alone can go a long way to pushing that resistance away. Let's be honest, it's easier to get into action when we know what the actions are. That doesn't mean we don't get in our heads.

That's why for 2020, you're not going to do it alone.

You'll have me to support you (and lovingly kick you in the ass) so that for EVERY quarter of 2020 you stay IN ACTION! You keep chipping away at your plan and get the results we're planning for.

What happens between workshops?

Between calls we'll come together for two hour group calls once per month. This call time will allow anyone who needs it to ask questions and get feedback. This time is YOURS. We'll break into two virtual rooms, one for coworking, and one for Q&A.

This gives you dedicated time EVERY month for YOUR marketing. This way you KNOW the strategy we create will be executed. This is also when I'll share the latest in news and trends to watch out for so that we can make tweaks to strategies as necessary.

Want some 1:1 support?

I get it, that's why you have an exclusive Slack community that only you and I can access (or even see). This is your spot to get my feedback or jump in and ask questions ANYTIME! This is something generally only offered to our agency retainer clients, but now you can have this access to me as well!

Building out a marketing plan was an easy thing to put off while I waited for inspiration. Except my business wasn't on hold while I waited and I couldn't get where I wanted to go without a plan. Putting myself in a (virtual) room with Stacey and other women building their own businesses gave me access to insight I wouldn't have had doing my marketing plan alone. It also gave me the accountability I needed to finally get it done. I can't recommend Backstage Live enough.

Nicole Otchy

Personal Stylist

Attending Backstage Live with Stacey was the best decision I made in Q1! Even though I've been in business for over a decade, I was feeling a bit disconnected from my message. I was getting bored with my own content! Having Stacey and the other amazing entrepreneurs there to brainstorm new fresh content ideas was invaluable. Now I'm more confident than ever in my message and still have tons of fresh content ideas for my weekly show and social media platforms.

Racheal Cook

Business Coach

Having a scheduled day on my calendar to plan my marketing with Stacey is all about accountability for me.  It ensures that I put my booty in the seat, tune out distractions, and get errr done.  The attendants are friendly, supportive, and come from diverse backgrounds. Pair that with Stacey's humor and it makes for a fun day that is full of unique perspectives.

India Jackson

Visual Strategist

BONUS Team Support

Backstage Live VIP is priced so that it sits alongside your team support, your mastermind, and even the live events you want to invest in 2020. 

With that said I STILL want to make sure your + your team are set up for success. So you'll be able to bring a long ONE team member. They'll have full access to our Hit the Mic Backstage training site + their very own channel just for team members on Slack.

Team members will not have access to any channels outside of the #teammember Slack channel.

This way we can keep our conversations private, but they still have a place to get support from me and the other team members who are a part of Backstage Live VIP.

One day with Stacey Harris at Backstage Live gave me a defined plan for marketing based on real results and aligned intentions. I finally have clarity from my defined goals in business to the social media post and every step in between. Stacey guides you through creating and/or refining your strategy that’s ick-free. I feel empowered knowing the purpose of every piece of content I produce and how it’s all connected. The 90-day Marketing Plan framework will be used in my business indefinitely but experiencing Stacey lead us through our customizations live was invaluable. As the day ended, I found myself excited to market and at complete ease that I finally found a trusted leader who also believes that marketing can be aligned and have integrity.

Jillian Dudek

Brand Strategist

I came into Backstage Live with parts of my marketing in place but Stacey masterfully walked me through how to put my marketing plan in place based on all of the data points I already had about what was working and not working in my business and marketing. I am walking away with a strong foundation of actionable steps and a plan in place that I am confident will amplify my business.

Heidi Taylor

Sales Coach

I was lacking inspiration in my marketing, big time. One afternoon with Stacey Harris solved that problem and then some. Not only did my motivation return, but having a 90 day system in place made it fun. My visibility has increased, sales have risen, and I’m making a greater impact with my work.

Sara Intonato

Yoga Retreat Leader

Two ways to join Backstage Live VIP

Commit to 3 Months of Strategy and Accountability Support

Over the next 3 months we'll...

- Kick off with a Ideal Client Workshop in November

- Come together for ONE full day Backstage Live Workshops

- Come together for 2 Group Calls with Hot Seat time

PLUS You'll Receive...

- Private 1:1 support and accountability through a private Slack workspace
- Access to Hit the Mic Backstage for your


We will open the doors for Q2 in February 2020. Get on the list to be the first to hear.

PLUS as a bonus I'll send you some strategy focused podcast episodes to get started with.

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