I want you to take a second and picture something for me...

What if you knew EXACTLY what was getting created in your business in the next 90 days? Every piece of content, every email, every social media update was planned. You knew who on your team creates them, and when they go out?

What changes when you know EXACTLY how you're driving eyes to your amazing offers, how you're building trust, and you know that the exact right people are finding them because you built them the perfect path?

That feeling is why I focus SOO much on building strategies, because that knowing is what gets results. That workable plan is what keeps us from feeling lost, it is what keeps up showing up (because we always know what to say) and it's what gets results.

Like actual, money in the bank results.

Now, let's create yours. I want to spend the day creating a plan that is 100% customized for YOU.

A strategy that moves you through the next 3 months knowing what you are saying, where you're saying it, and how it impacts your business. Yes with actual community growth and, ya know, sales!

This is a WORKshop, it's not going to be about you consuming more content for the sake of consumption, that's not what I'm about. Instead it's going to be about giving you the tools and structure to change your social media habits in 2019.

What happens in the room?

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So why have a digital marketing workshop in person? Because as powerful as it is to connect online (and it's super powerful) relationships are cemented in person, and real work and value can come from getting out from behind your desk (or off your couch, I don't judge) and spending a day working ON your business.

You'll leave the room with a workbook that tells you EXACTLY what to execute + the knowledge to do this same process for yourself over and over again throughout the year. This will change the way you're moving through 2019, and I'm AMPED to be there with you.

I am very intentional about being able to make sure this event is created for the people in the room and is not about content for content's sake. We are capping room at TEN people. The best part of that is you're going to spend the day supporting, and being supported by real life humans who are getting out of the comfort zone of their office and into doing the work that moves them forward.

Join us in Los Angeles on March 6, 2019

Together we'll create...

  • 1
    Clarify your Ideal Clients
  • 2
    Identify Your Sales Goals and Focuses
  • 3
    Email Strategy for 90 Days
  • 4
    Content Strategy for 90 Days
  • 5
    Social Media Calendar for 90 Days


Is there a special hotel rate?

Will this workshop be for me?

Will I have 1 on 1 time with Stacey?

Can I bring someone from my team?


What makes Stacey different and better than other social media experts is that she truly sees how you naturally move through the world and then gives you a social media strategy that's totally effortless and exciting. Stacey is my social media strategist for life."

Erika Lyremark


Working with Stacey helped me see the value in having someone like you as a part of my team. I've always trusted you and thought you were awesome but now I understand how GOOOOD having a strategy feels and that's priceless."

Tara Newman


From just a 30 minute call with Stacey I did way more in a week than I had in months! I started being strategic about my content. I had a plan to sell myself, and more than anything the confidence that I could totally do it!"

Erin Smith

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