How to Organize Your Twitter Followers {Video}

It’s easy to start connecting on Twitter and start getting really overwhelmed by what’s going on. How can you shift from feeling like you’re wasting time to knowing you’re making the most of your time and providing value at it’s best? Start using Twitter Lists.

Twitter lists are a powerful way to organize your connections so that you’re able to focus your time on specific groups of people or conversations.

Watch Organize Your Twitter Connections

Start organizing your folks so that you can clearly connect with who you need to connect with at the right time. That of course starts with me!

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Is there any way to add to list on a mobile Twitter app? Most of my following activity happens on-the-go.

    Stacey Harris

    Yes Jenn, process is pretty similar actually go to their profile page and next to the follow button is a gear. Click on the gear and then add/remove from lists.

    Only thing you can’t do is actually create a new list it looks like.

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