5 Things Frustrated coaches need to know about running DIY social media to stop wasting time and start getting results

Struggling to find time for social media that just doesn't seem to give you a return? You're not alone. It's a conversation I have over and over again with my clients when we get started. 

And over and over again it comes down to five foundational tips, it's really NOT about doing MORE or working HARDER. It's about streamlining your marketing and setting yourself up for success. 

Grab this training and get the 5 keys to jump start your social media time and start seeing results NOW!

The Stacey Harris - Social Media Marketing Strategist

In less than 30 minutes you'll know the key to...

  • The one thing that answers ALL your marketing questions
  • Choosing you network
  • Staying up to date on policies
  • The power of focus 
  • Choosing the right social media tool for your business