What the Hell are Facebook Groups?

There has been a lot of talk around me lately about Facebook groups, some folks love them, some hate them, most coaches have them, and a ton of people have no idea what they are or how they serve business owners.  Today we break it down!

3 Types of Groups

There are 3 types of groups on Facebook, all are great – it just depends on what your needs are.

  • Open – These groups can be found in search and are completely open to anyone.  Anyone can join and posts are visible to the public not just group members.
  • Closed – These groups can be found by anyone but you have to be accepted by an administrator to join. Also posts to these groups can only be seen by members of the group.
  • Secret – These groups are not visible during search. Basically the only way to have access to these groups are from an invite.  All posts are visible only to members of the group.

Why Should I Use Them?

Most groups I have interacted with are closed, this allows new members to request access and also allows you to share the group with your friends in the event they might also be interested.  Secret groups can be especially beneficial as an extra bonus when offering a coaching program.  For example you can offer a coaching program or class an as an added benefit you have access to a special group that is only for other members of this program. That allows people to network and also go to the group with questions when you may be unavailable.

Facebook groups can be a great way to network, they allow you to get to know other members, interact with them, and also share your expertise when questions come up that you can answer.  A great way to describe them is like a mini social network within Facebook.  They are on a much smaller and more focused scale but it’s the same concept. You can communicate with the other members and share events, photos, and files depending on the rules and purpose of your group.

Something to always be aware of are the rules of your group – some groups have very strict sales and spam rules and other groups really encourage you to share your content and business whenever possible   It just depends on the rules.  The about page is usually a great way to find out what the rules are and if you have any questions simply ask the admin.

Great Groups to Check-Out

One of my favorite Facebook groups is the Bootstrap Book Club put together by the fabulous ladies of Kickstart Kitchen.  This group is closed since members often discuss their businesses based on the books we are reading and it gives that bit of privacy.  However anyone is free to join you just need to sign up at their website.  I love this group because it gives me the opportunity to read different perspectives and also get feedback and suggestions.  During the re-branding process I was able to head to the group and ask for recommendations on designers and get honest feedback on some of my options when look at logo design.

Beyond Business

Facebook groups can be helpful beyond the business world as well obviously.  I have heard of them being used for family and friends which I think is especially great if you use your profile as a networking tool.  You can share family updates and photos in a private even secret area.  Another great suggestion is if you have a group of friends you are no longer nearby you can great a small group for yourselves and connect there, it allows conversations to keep going and keeps things private from the rest of your Facebook friends.

Are you using Facebook Groups? Hit the comments and share your favorites!

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Jules Taggart

There are some great tips here on finding Facebook groups that are a good fit for your business. Thanks, too, for the shout out!

    Stacey Harris

    Thanks for stopping by Jules! Happy to get more ladies involved with the book club, it’s been really fabulous!

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