What the Hell are Twitter Chats?

A few weeks ago we talked about how awesome Facebook Groups can be and I received some great feedback on it. Then I was at one of my favorite Twitter chats last week (I’ll share it later) and the question came up about what keeps people from joining a chat.  There were several answers of course, but most boiled down to overwhelm.  So I decided to remove the mystery.

Twitter chats are just a live chat that happens through Twitter using a hashtag.  You can keep track of these chats a few ways, and we’ll discuss that more shortly. First though I want to get right to the point and let you know the why you should even bother.  One word – NETWORKING. Twitter chats can be a great way to grow your community and meet other like-minded people. This especially amazing for those of us who work from a home office and don’t get the day-to-day interactions with co-workers like you would in a traditional office environment.  Also for me personally it’s been amazing finding a community of other entrepreneurs  I was not raised with a particularly entrepreneurial mindset. In fact until I was 25 the idea of working for myself had never actually crossed my mind. So the networking that can be done through things like Twitter chats can give you great possibilities for collaboration, accountability partners, potential clients, and also tools you might not have heard about otherwise.

These chats can move quickly, especially the popular ones so let’s talk tools. The easiest way to keep up that I’ve found is TweetChat.com.


Tweetchat is a great tool because of a few things. The first being that it automatically includes the hashtag when you tweet from the TweetChat interface. The second being that you can control the speed of your feed.  If you feel overwhelmed then slow down the feed so it less often, or if you prefer to see everything as quickly as possible you can choose as little as 5 seconds as your refresh speed.

A few of my favorites chats are below –  and #sbdib are both once per week (check out the calendars for dates) and #BootstrapCHAT is once per month, check out the hashtag for the next date.

Kickstart Kitchen#BootstrapCHAT

Small Businesses Do It Better#sbdib

To find out what Twitter chats I’m active in follow me @TheStaceyHarris.

I’d love to hear from you, what are your favorite chats, and also if you use something other then TweetChat share it with us in the comments.
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Nikki Steele

Thanks for all of the good advice! I really enjoy the #yfechat and #boutofbooks chats. I’m also partial to #blogbiz, though that’s an early kind of love. Hoping we’ll be able to make beautiful things happen with it!

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